If you have watched the news or scrolled through your news apps, you have likely read that Apple is notifying users of a security vulnerability in their operating system.

What: Click here to view apple’s statement on the matter.

If exploited, this vulnerability could allow a malicious attacker to gain full admin control of a compromised device. This is a risk that could expose personal and business data. We want you to know that there is no need to panic, however, there is a serious and time-sensitive need for action to protect your devices.

Apple released a software update with security features that will protect against this vulnerability once downloaded.

These types of vulnerabilities happen, and when they do it is important to update your software to avoid potential security risks.

Who: Anyone with an Apple device listed below should download the required update.

  • iPhone released since 2015
  • iPad released since 2014
  • Mac running macOS Monterey

From an iPhone or iPad: Open the settings menu and click general > Software Update > iOS 15.6.1 >download and install.
From a Mac Desktop or Laptop: Choose “software update” on the “about this Mac” menu on your computer, and download the most current update.
Note: Prior to running the update please be sure your device is plugged into a power source and is not unplugged or rebooted until the update completes.

Once the download has completed be sure to restart your device if it doesn’t happen automatically.