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If you’re still on the fence about hiring a managed services provider for your medical practice, just take a moment and imagine this: with managed services for medical practices, your staff would be free liberated in using the latest medical technology, tending to your patients’ needs, all without worrying about if your tools software is up-to-date or if your patients’ medical information are safe from hackers. Managed services for medical practices: here’s why it’s the best decision you’ll ever make as a healthcare professional and a business owner (and your office administrator will forever be grateful.)

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Your IT Support Is Anyone Who’s Available

Many medical practices delegate the role of “lead IT support” to their office manager (like she needs one more hat to wear), and that role usually consists of dialing the phone to call Joe Shmoe’s IT Support to come and put the latest “IT fire” out.

Some medical practices might hire a generic “in-house” IT person, who knows a little bit about a lot of things.

OR, they can hire a Managed Service Provider, who has a team of IT Support EXPERTS in Raleigh right here locally at your every beck and call, for around the same price (or less) per year.

What’s The Difference Between A True Managed Service Provider who offers quality assurance And A Regular “IT Support” Company?

Managed Service Providers are different compared to traditional “IT Support companies” in how they are forecasting, trail-blazing, and pioneering IT support by thinking about:

Managed Services For Medical Practices With Vision: “Where Is My Medical Practice Heading?”

What are your goals for your medical practice? Are you expanding to two more locations in the next ten months? Are you looking to scale and expand to the neighboring county? Are you buying out a retiring colleague’s client base, and have a mess of logistics and files on your hands?

Managed Services for medical practices looks like having a dedicated Insight administrator – a dedicated team leader who sits with you every quarter and forecast what potential pitfalls and major successes that’ll come with growing your practice. Maneuvering scaling is like steering a small ship (trust me, we should know!) so these small adjustments, tweaks, and changes cause wakes and ripple effects in areas you as a business owner didn’t even know existed. Having managed services for medical practices means IT compliments and supports your growth, not hinders it. We’ve got your back in all things IT support and logistics when it comes to building a plan for your IT needs are you scale and build your empire.

Managed Services For Medical Practices and Healthcare Professionals: Who’s An Ideal Candidate?

Medical Offices hire Managed Service Providers to make their lives easier by sitting down and not only addressing issues they may currently be having with their technology needs within their medical practice but really listen to where the business is going.

So what kind of office is the perfect poster child for managed services for medical practices? A Medical Practice that’s tired of reactive IT support. If you hate IT support ticketing systems, if you’re tired of wasting time and losing money waiting for IT issues to “get fixed,” and you’re ready to take IT headaches off your team’s to-do list (one of the biggest signs you might need a managed services provider.) — then you’re ready for managed services in your medical practice.

A Managed Service Provider troubleshoots with you in creating solutions for your business goals so your technology can match and support your growth, not hinder it. Before there’s ever a problem (like your hard drives failing or a security breach in your medical practice where hackers rip the ground out from underneath you and your retirement plan), a Managed Services Provider makes sure your medical practice’s data is protected from natural disasters and data breaches.

The biggest benefit of hiring a Managed Services Provider versus a standard “IT Support” company is that top managed services provider align with a business’s big pictures goals – where do you want to end up in the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and building a roadmap for your IT support to stay ahead of the curve and get you where you want to be.

Managed Service Providers Summed Up In One Sentence…

So an overall one-liner to describe what Managed Service Providers do – for the cost of one mediocre-skilled “In-House IT Support” person on staff, you can have access to a team of 10 AMAZING computer geniuses and engineers that are on call, at any given time to make sure all your technology demands are up to date, everything technology-wise is running smoothly, AND your medical practice and client information base is kept safe, secure, and up to HIPAA standards.

What’s The Biggest Benefit For Medical Practices On Hiring A Managed Service Provider?

So ask any of our customers, what’s the biggest benefit you get from partnering with a true Managed Service Provider for your IT needs? Without a doubt the response will be: Peace of Mind!!

Having confidence that someone is taking that weight off you and your staff’s shoulders, you get to do what you do best as an executive running your medical practice, and your employees can focus on what they do best, too.

Industry Experience

Like many industries, the practice of healthcare requires a few tools; reliable email, standard office apps like Word (WordPerfect for those of us who have been around for a while!) and Excel. Certainly, healthcare practices have some pretty special line of business applications.  Here are just some of the many healthcare Industry applications we have experience supporting.


Carestream OrthoTrac


Avatar 360

Plan Meca

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Choosing the wrong computer consultant to support your network can not only be frustrating and expensive, but could end up costing you in downtime, data loss, and expensive repair bills, not to mention the headaches and frustration!

Luckily, there are ways to ensure your choice will be the right one! We’ve compiled a list of 10 items that can prepare you for your search. You’ll be in good hands with a computer consultant that meets these standards!