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Information Technology is a key component of business success. Every business is trying to do more with less, to be more strategic – to do this, IT needs to be used as a lever, one that allows a business to maximize profitability while maintaining secure and reliable systems.

But aren’t all Raleigh-Durham IT Support Services companies the same?  Not by a long-shot!

Most IT Support companies are stuck delivering an antiquated support model.  One that focuses on billable hours and product sales – neither of which helps your business.

For these IT companies to have a terrific month, it must come at the expense of their customers having a terrible month – problems, disasters, surprise bills, unnecessary server replacements, etc.

But so many business owners feel trapped.  They think this is how IT is supposed to work.

They pour dollar after dollar into new systems without moving the needle in their business, all the while hoping their it services vendor will get back to them in some reasonable time frame, pitched with surprise IT projects to replace equipment that seemed to be working just fine yesterday and a never-ending stack of charges for things that fall “outside of the agreement.”

It doesn’t have to be this way!

It’s not your fault, it’s the fault of your IT Services company and how they make money – basically selling products and charging by the hour where there is a disincentive to doing things quickly, efficiently and correctly the first time.

This concept never sat well with us, so we hit the reset button and did a complete 180.

True Managed Services Providers

The term Managed Services Provider (MSP) has become a marketing buzz word – every single IT Services company thinks they can just snap their fingers and become an MSP.

To many, “MSP” is synonymous with “monthly-recurring revenue.”  A way for the “me-too” IT Support companies to smooth out their income at your expenses.

We see things differently.  We believe managed services should be more than just the latest fad!

A true managed services provider accepts full responsibility for a customer’s environment.  It’ more than a marketing term – is it the transfer of IT risk from the customer to the MSP.

A Unique Approach to Managed Services

Technology Associate was built on providing world-class Managed IT Services for Raleigh-Durham businesses – an end-result that simply can’t be matched by other IT Service providers.  To do this we had to start with a clean slate and build our service offering from the ground up without continuing any of the practices that prevent a managed services provider from delivering true results for their clients.

AND, we had to completely stop delivering IT services under the traditional IT Support model.

Free from the lure of billing for hours and relying on selling hardware, we’re able to craft a managed IT service offering that will benefit any business and rewards us only when our customers’ networks run smoothly and efficiently.

Put simply: we don’t have a crappy “Silver Plan.”

We set to work developing the VERY BEST service offering we could imagine and vowed to deliver our best to every one of our customers.

Why?  Well, we couldn’t in good conscience engage with a customer with anything less than the best that we can deliver.

Our service, called Insight, is all about transferring IT risk away from our customers and putting it where it should be – with us.  After all, if we are the experts, shouldn’t we have skin in the game?

It’s all about standards and alignment feeding strategy and impact – a business-focused consulting method to managing IT.

A one-time assessment can tell you where you’re at, but it takes ongoing alignment to best practices, over time, in a measured and strategic way to get the most from your IT.

Delivering Complete Managed IT Services

We’ve been delivering our proprietary Managed Services for over 10 years now and continue to fine-tune our processes, procedures and best practices to keep up with technology and the ever-evolving threats.

If you are looking for a solid, sustainable solution to your IT needs, don’t pick an MSP based on how nice their web page is or if they have experience in your industry – look closely at the processes they use to deliver results and pay close attention to what falls outside of their ‘standard’ agreement.

Again, it comes down to the business model your MSP uses – is it aligned with their best interests or yours?

Start-to-Finish Managed IT Support

Ever had your IT Services company tell you that “everything looks fine on our end” and then refer you to some other technology vendor?

You just need the problem to go away, but you get trapped in the middle?

Whether your infrastructure is on-site, in the cloud or (more likely) a mix of both, our team has the knowledge and experience to support your needs with no excuses or finger-pointing.

We take responsibility for managing all your technology infrastructure and resolving any and all problems, start to finish.

When we say we manage and support all your technology we mean ALL, including;

  • Servers – on-premise (physical and virtualized) and cloud-based
  • Network – switches, routers, firewalls – the backbone of your network
  • Mobility – Mobile and Hand-Held devices
  • Software – the standard office suites PLUS your critical line-of-business applications
  • Communication – VoIP and groupware
  • Wireless – access points and wireless security

If your business relies on it, we have it covered and work on your behalf with whoever necessary to get you the results you need.

Beware “on-demand” IT Support

Security used to be a floppy disk loaded with the only two virus removal programs known on Earth. Over the years we’ve added email, networks, incredible inter-connectivity, and cloud services that virtually (and in reality) connect your network to threats unimagined just a few years back.

Security can’t be an afterthought and getting it right shouldn’t be left to chance.

To provide proper cybersecurity today takes, time, focus, discipline, and a locked-down process to not only monitor systems but to constantly backcheck that systems are configured properly.

If you have a vendor that engages only when you call them, there is no WAY your systems can be locked down the way they hold be – this defies logic.  If all the money you pay your vendor goes towards fixing reactive issues, there simply isn’t the time or resources needed to attend to the basics around cybersecurity.

Getting the right result does not depend on which security suite your vendor uses.  Rather, it’s the process they use to deploy and manage their toolsets. If it’s set-it-and-forget-it, off to the next server install project, then no program known to man will auto-magically protect you against ever-evolving security threats.

Not all Managed Services Providers are Created Equal

We are fortunate in that there are plenty of IT Support Services for Raleigh-Durham, and most of them are excellent companies. Businesses in our area are fortunate to have such a deep IT services network from which to choose their technology solutions support team.

But not all Managed Services Providers are created equal.

To get real results, you have to be partners with a firm that is process-driven – a process designed to deliver real IT results for businesses, one willing to put their money where their mouth is and take a no-excuses attitude to IT – one like Technology Associates.


Ready for the IT Services your Business deserves?

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