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Every IT firm says they are proactive but look a little deeper and you find “patch, spy, spam, monitoring and a bucket of hours” — what most people refer to as “Managed Services” — when in fact there is very little management going on!

Many business leaders we speak with experience more than their fair share of IT problems that are holding their business back while all they get is more promises and excuses along with surprise support bills.  We decided to put a stop to this and created a service that eliminates many of the problems users deal with while providing guidance around a well-thought-out IT strategy.

We have a unique approach to IT managed services. A process and that improves your business efficiency, lowers capital costs, and exposes hidden risks.

All IT Services companies say they are “proactive,” but we put our money where our mouth is by structuring a relationship that transfers all IT risks to us under a fixed fee agreement. The real reason people pick us over others is our best practices that have been proven over and over to lower reactive support issues over time and paint a clear picture of your technology and risks that often lie hidden until too late.

Our experts become ingrained in your operations—monitoring, assessing, and making improvements that enable you to eliminate risks, increase productivity, and reduce capital costs so you can achieve your business objectives.

  • Our Focus on driving down reactive tickets results in increased productivity for your business so your team can focus on what they need to do—not IT.
  • Accessible, local staff in dedicated roles supporting your needs, so you have our best at their best.
  • Rigorous documentation and ongoing development of our standards to ensure alignment with industry best practices.
  • Regularly scheduled Technology Steering Meetings that keep you informed and eliminate surprises.
  • Fixed pricing, month-to-month agreements so you can forget about being nickeled and dimed and be truly free to put us to work in your business.

Our Three Uniques

  1. Partnership – We don’t believe in long-term agreements that trap you into sub-par performance. Instead, we must earn your business every month by consistently delivering on our promises.
  2. Focus – We have one service offering. A proven and methodical approach, which leads to a consistent result for all of our clients. One process guarantees one result.
  3. Alignment – We paint a clear picture of where your environment stands compared to our best practices and help you make the right decisions to achieve alignment over time.

Service Delivery Areas

Our service delivery model is broken down into several, well-defined, key areas.  Each staff member knows their role and how they fit into the bigger picture of service delivery.  Have dedicated staff members assigned to specific service delivery areas, each with processes and metrics to ensure success is critical to delivering real results!

Centralized Services

The tools and technology we use to manage our customer’s IT infrastructure are all widely available – it is very likely (if not probable) that the tools we use are the exact same tools used by your current vendor.

So how can we drive better results than our competitors while using the same tools?

Here is the secret: it isn’t the tools we use that drive results, it is our process around managing those tools creates the results.


  • Patch Management
  • 3rd Party Updates
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-Virus/Malware
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • User Security Training
  • Penetration Testing

Customer Support

Customer Support is the foundation of traditional IT Support and Services and continues to be one of the most important touch-points with our customers. We have an outstanding process surrounding customer support, one that guarantees we are working on the most important issues to your business first and foremost. Quick Fact: 70% of the reactive issues we receive each day are closed on the very same day!


  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Supporting ALL Technology
  • “How do I…” Questions
  • Vendor Management

Insight Administration

Insight Administration is a huge reason customers pick us over other IT Service Providers.  See, in most companies, the role of the “SysAdmin” is normally just ‘lead tech’ or ‘escalation’; a very reactive role.

In our process, the SysAdmin (Insight Advisor) role is purely proactive, focused on process, procedures, and documentation – all things that we know will drive consistent service delivery and drive down the number of issues experienced by our customers in the future.


  • Documentation, Processes, and Procedures
  • Standards and Alignment
  • Scheduled On-Site Proactive Days
  • Reactive Ticket Review

Insight Advisor

Sometimes referred to as Virtual CIO or vCIO, this role takes everything we know about your business and technology, compares your situation to our standards and best practices, and formulates a strategy to implement over time – a Technology Roadmap. From strategy flows budgets, from budgets flow execution.

It boils down to answering a simple question; “Knowing what we know about technology if our customers’ business were my own, what would I do?”  This foundational statement ensures you are getting the right advice for YOUR business versus the cookie-cutter approach used by other IT vendors in an obvious attempt to get you to buy more equipment you aren’t sure you really need!


  • Technology Steering
  • Strategy and Impact
  • Technology Roadmap and Budget

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team plans and implements any needed projects.  Our goal is “on time, on budget, no noise!”

Getting projects implemented properly is a source of pride for our Professional Services team.  Understanding the business objective of projects is key to ensuring that recommendations from our Insight Advisor team connect directly to our customer’s business goals and objectives.


  • Written project plans with timelines and business objectives
  • Project quoted “not-to-exceed” to avoid surprises

Ready for the IT Services your Business deserves?

If you are ready for a new approach to IT Support and Services, one that puts the burden on us to perform and eliminates long-term agreements that trap you into lack-luster results then we would love to speak with you about your needs and share more about the results our process delivers.

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